Monday, July 13, 2020

God bless the problems of human life

Every human being must often face a problem, the problem is faced also different weight. Start small, up to big ones. From easy to hard. It is in every way that we must always strengthen our faith to continue striving and never give up any difficulties. Sometimes these problems greatly affect our lives. It can make us not passionate about living life, making our lives become meaningless and useless. Hey, be aware! It's your superficial thoughts. Let us change our mindset with spiritual thoughts

From the story of Ruth and Naomi, we learn a lot about the inclusion of God in our lives. That problem exists and we believe that the Lord is with us so that we can pass it. What distinguishes is, how does a person's attitude in dealing with that problem. Their attitude demonstrates the nature, and produces different results

Ruth and Naomi delivered all her problems to God,. Who would expect, they could meet Boaz, who has a sufficient economy. The problem of Ruth and Naomi like has fallen down stairs. But the Lord demonstrated his power by bringing them together with Boaz

We learn that we are asking for wisdom from God in every problem. When faced with problems, we should not give up so soon. It is precisely the problem in daily life that strengthens our mental and faith. If it is not difficult, not life. So, believe that the Lord will always be in our lives, both difficulties and ease. And believe God's timing is the best. The Lord is able to work bigger that man can think of 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sow goodness, reap goodness

we all know that our God will continue to see whatever we do in this world. Because we ourselves are perfect creations. All our behavior never escape from his eyes.

If we do a good thing, surely we will get a good thing too. That's what Abraham did when he came to 3 strangers whom they did not know. The one Abraham did was serve his guests kindly and kindly. He sent his wife Sara to prepare the meal. And it turns out right, the 3 men are God and both angels

At that time Abraham and Sara were struggling about the birth of their son to become a descendant. Quite because Abraham and Sara have done good things, then they get a good reply too. 3 people were told that Sarai will give birth to a child

From there we learn that nothing is impossible with God. If God is willing, then everything must happen. Continue to pray and be kind to everyone. For every meeting of us, it must be God who rules it and God permits it to happen

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Forgiveness becomes one of the hardest ways a person can do. For some reason, they feel prestige, they feel the position is higher than the others. For that, they chose not to do it. Because they do not want to lose, and they think that they are the right ones.

All people definitely do not want to lose. Neither opinion, nor do anything. They have the desire that his self-esteem does not fall. But what if we do something wrong?

We have to apologize especially. Because we confess that we are wrong. We must be more mature and courageous, do not act like perfectionists. Perfectionists are never to blame.

After apologizing, we should forgive him. This is a very important and valuable thing. Because not everyone can do it. Our Lord teaches us to forgive our neighbor or enemy whatever their background. Because our Lord has first forgiven us. He is the one who atone for the sin of kitan, and indirectly has forgiven all our faults.

Whatever the treatment, God wants us to keep forgiving. It's all for the sake of our lives that God blesses in heaven there. Want to survive? forgive your enemy.

He does good, I also have to do good. He does evil, I have to keep doing good


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The power of holy spirit

In this world, there is a lot of people, with a many different traits. That's make a difference in this world. However, the difference is not to distinguish us, but the difference makes us still alive until this time
Everyone can determine how they behave. It all depends on how they think. But how do we keep doing good in this world? although there are so many evil temptations too?

Indeed, it is hard to do good. Sometimes we (humans) more easily mention the actions of the evil than the good deeds. It all depends on us.

Ask for the help of holy spirit in your prayer, so that every thought, word, and deed are all controlled by holy spirit. Ask, then you will get it. Provided, you ask with a heart that is sincere and humble. Never underestimate the holy spirit.

Make small changes, and always ask for the help of holy spirit. If you ask only, but do not do it, you will not be able to feel the holy spirit in you. Remember, ask the help of the holy spirit to descend in your life. In order not to waste your life on this earth!


Making your parents proud!

If it were not for our Lord, our parents would not live. Without our families, we (humans) will not be able to live in the world. Our family is God's instrument to mold us. We live with him, we spend time with him, and we love our families. As God loves us, we also have to love our parents.

As long as we live, we should use our lives to do what we can account for in the last days. Our parents, eager to see his son making his / her parents happy.

Just imagine, if at some point our life is over in this world. And God says "My son your time is gone, come back to me!"
How sedinya we are, when we have been called God, and we have not had time to happy both our parents. What God will say to us. We as the children who should have done them as we live have been lost in an instant. There is no point in us living, because we do not make it to heaven. It is useless to live in this world.

Do you want to experience it? Do you choose not to experience it? it all depends on you!


Monday, May 28, 2018

Keep praying!

Prayer is the most important thing in life. Prayer is the breath of a believer's life. Only prayer has blessed our lives until now. Many people overlook the prayer. They are increasingly unconcerned about the prayer. They consider prayer unimportant and pointless. That is the development of a very sad world.

According to me, prayer is primarily in hisup. God wants us to give thanks to him primarily through prayer. Matthew 21: 22) Believe in the power of every prayer.

Want our lives more meaningful? want to be happy ? want to survive? multiply prayer in life

Thank God for what our Lord has given up to this moment. Without him, we will not be there and will not be able to enjoy his blessing to this day. Then ask what you want in prayer. If you believe, then you will get it

Always believe, prayer can change everything. Never doubt what one prayer can do. Always believe in the power of prayer.


Repentance from sin

Sin is something that is negative, which must have been owned by everyone without exception. All people have been bound by sin. Many are still trapped with personal sin and external sin. The question is, until when will we be ensnared sin?

We as human beings, do not escape from sin. Repentance is needed, and is necessary. Because unconsciously, the world is getting worse and worse. The world is contaminated with evil spirits and increasingly disgusting human behavior.

Why should we repent? repentance is indispensable for improving our previously bad life, getting better. But we will not be perfect like God. We can resemble him in terms of words, actions, thoughts and others. So that all our deeds, governed by our Lord. The Savior.

Surely we all want to go to heaven. We all do not want to go to hell. We all human beings want our life in this world to be useful so that we can account for it in the afterlife. For that, repent. God wants us to change from our evil life, He wants us to be safe with him in the afterlife. And remember, regret always comes at the end

So, are we going to survive? or our life has been going to end in vain?